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作者: imogen9352    時間: 2013-5-30 18:38     標題: Film tells civil rights history in song Ray Ban Prescription Glasses Uk

Film tells civil rights history in song,Ray Ban Aviator 3025
Soundtrack for any Revolution, which screens at the Bloor Cinema on Wednesday, tells the story with the American civil rights movement by means of the songs protestors sang as they fought for racial equality.
Created by actor Danny Glover,Cheap Ray Ban Glasses Uk, the documentary combines archival footage,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes, fresh interviews with civil-rights stalwarts for example Harry Belafonte and Congressman John Lewis, and new renditions of freedom songs - "Wade within the Water," "Eyes around the Prize,Cheap Ray Bans," "We Shall Not be Moved," etc. - by youthful entertainers and veteran artists which includes as John Legend, Joss Stone, Blind Boys of Alabama and Richie Havens.
Co-director Bill Guttentag, who also co-directed the Oscar-winning Twin Towers, said Soundtrack's music angle was a novel approach to highlight a considerable period he believes is "slipping from people's memories."
The 82-minute film revisits events for instance the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott and Selma to Montgomery March, as blacks fought the system that denied them the correct to vote and kept them in subpar schools and hospitals.
"I've shown the film now everywhere,Ray Ban Jackie Ohh Sunglasses, from elementary schools to some of America's finest colleges, and individuals do not know the story," mentioned Guttentag by phone from his California home.
The filmmaker will introduce the movie and answer inquiries in the Bloor screenings as part of the Doc Soup series,Cheap Christian Louboutin.
"It's not like they are negative students, it really is just the march of time. I believe it really is an remarkable story,Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, a strong story, and one particular that needs to be told once more and once again. That's why we have been seeking a way of telling it that would hopefully be revolutionary and get a further generation to come and see the film.
"Music was fully part of the DNA of your movement; they sang on marches, in churches, all the time. It helped empower them. They sang things they couldn't say. Almost one hundred per cent of the consumers we interviewed start singing sooner or later (in the course of the interview)."
A major challenge was lining up the musicians who recorded their performances separately and had been encouraged to provide private interpretations of the songs.
"We wanted people today who would draw an audience," mentioned Guttentag of the singers.
"Teenagers might not wish to see a film on the civil rights movement, but they may prefer to see film which has The Roots and Joss Stone or Wyclef Jean. In some cases consumers think going to a documentary is like going to a root canal and we produced an enormous effort to make a film that genuinely moved."
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